From the Spring at the Birthplace of James James, the composer of

Hen Wlad Fy Nhadau

The Welsh National Anthem

Picture of James James



The original settlement that was built here was built by the Druids, whose settlements all needed one vital ingredient, High Quality Water, often from a Spring ...

The water from the spring has twice been tested for purity by separate independent E.E.C. Laboratories to see how well it conformed to the European Standard for bottling Spring Water (this is the most stringent of all tests of drinking water of any kind).

Not only did the water pass each of the tests with flying colours, it is so perfect that it can be bottled without any filtration or treatment whatsoever.

If you take a look at the tests, which were done 6 years apart, you will see the results to all intents and purposes are identical, the differences are mainly down to the differences in equipment used and their relevant measuring capabilities.

These independent tests show the extremely high quality of the water and the consistency of its quality.

The spring water has proven to have amazing curative properties.

The Ancient Druid Water gift bottle is totally different from every  other Welsh gift / Welsh souvenir (or British gift / British souvenir)

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