From the Spring at the Birthplace of James James, the composer of

Hen Wlad Fy Nhadau

The Welsh National Anthem

Picture of James James
Picture of The Ancient Druid

The Ancient Druid as it is today, the spring is to the left of the main building, just a few feet from the door.

It ceased being licensed premises in the early 1970ís.

I bought it in 1987 when it was in an extremely bad condition through long term neglect.

When I had it surveyed (soon after I bought it) I was told that unless it was totally renovated it would completely collapse within two years.

 I was recently was informed by an expert in ancient buildings (when I described the method of construction of the external walls that became evident when the cladding was removed during its renovation) that the building is pre Medieval, this makes it at least 940 years old !

It was called THE ANCIENT DRUID even in ancient times, and has around it all the hallmarks of a DRUID SETTLEMENT, oak trees, a fresh water spring etc.

Even on the earliest hand drawn maps that can be found it was there, the earliest history that has been uncovered refers to it as THE ANCIENT DRUID BEER HOUSE.

It then became THE ANCIENT DRUID INN (by which is was known in the period that James James was born and grew up there). Latterly it became THE ANCIENT DRUID HOTEL.

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