From the Spring at the Birthplace of James James, the composer of

Hen Wlad Fy Nhadau

The Welsh National Anthem

Picture of James James

My own dog (an extremely fit Welsh Border Collie), when he was young, had a very serious eye infection that did not respond to any treatment that the vets tried on him. We had to bathe his eyes several times a day (there was puss coming from them, this was drying and effectively closing them) so that he could even open them.

For weeks we looked for a cure, nothing we tried helped him. He was losing his eyesight and was in constant pain, then I had a brain wave. I live (and have done now for 19 years) in The Ancient Druid (Inn) and knew that the Druids built their settlements by the best water sources and lived in harmony with Mother Earth.  So I tried bathing his eyes in water from the spring.

I could not have believed what a difference this would make, his eyes started clearing the same day, we quickly built a small pool fed by the spring water and threw stones into it. He kept jumping in and searching under the water for them. A day later ALL SIGNS OF ANY INFECTION WERE TOTALLY GONE.

Since that time I learned (from villagers) that people used to travel for many miles just to get water from the spring because of its qualities.  This I unwittingly stopped when I first moved here when for security reasons I had gates erected at the two main entrances to the property.

I now get all my drinking water from the Spring, my wife and I take large containers filled from the Spring with us wherever we go.

I have spent one third of my life here, my health has continued to improve as I have grown older,  most people guess my age at 15 to 20 years younger than I am. My overall health is as good, if not better, than most people less than half my age, yet I am nearly 59 years old.  Everything about me is much younger than my actual age, I put it down to one thing only, my regular usage of the Spring water.

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